Pihlajalinna to cut 180 jobs – fewer than expected

The company is streamlining operations at its Tampere HQ, as it also tries to make €13 million in cost savings.

Pihjalalinna corporate logo / Credit: FB

Finnish private healthcare company Pihlajalinna has announced it will make 180 job cuts.

The announcement comes after negotiations with unions that started in June. The number is less than the 400 job losses which had initially been anticipated by the Tampere-based company.

Some of the redundancies will be achieved by retirements, but not all the cuts can be made that way so there will also be people who lose their jobs.

Pihlajalinna is in the midst of a savings programme to cut costs by €17 million.

“I am satisfied that co-determination negotiations with employee representatives reached a good outcome” says CEO Joni Aaltonen in a statement.

Pihlajalinna was started in the city of Parkano back in 2001, and now has dozens of medical, occupational, wellness and healthcare centres around the country, mostly focused in south and central areas.