Nordea Picks Helsinki for New Headquarters

Nordea to relocate its corporate headquarters from Stockholm to Helsinki.

File photo / Credit: Nordea

Nordea Financial Group has decided to move its corporate headquarters to Finland.

The company’s Board of Directors made the decision today, to switch from Stockholm to Helsinki.

Nordea has been considering a move for some time, and the choices were to stay in Stockholm, or possibly move to Finland or Denmark. Finnish authorities have lobbied for Nordea to choose Helsinki.

In a press release, the company says customers will not notice any difference in the day-to-day operations of their bank, and stressed that the move will only involved a very few members of staff.

“The Board’s decision to initiate the re-domiciliation of the parent company to Finland is the outcome of six months of careful study” says Nordea’s chairman of the Board of Directors Björn Wahlroos – who is also known as one of Finland’s richest men.

“We see the move as an important strategic step in positioning Nordea on a par with its European peers. The level playing field and predictable regulatory environment offered by the banking union are, we believe, in the best interests of Nordea’s customers, shareholders and employees” says Wahlroos.