New year, new work opportunities with a surge of job seekers

Find out how to get more practical advice in registering as a job seeker, or looking for a new career.

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January is a time when many people make resolutions and decide to start the new year with a fresh start – with varying degrees of success.

Often it’s about ending bad habits, or making positive lifestyle changes. But for many people January is the time when they decide to find a new job.

“According our data, it can be said that there’s a significant spike in job seekers always in the beginning of the year” says Laura Glad, Content Manager at Duunitori, Finland’s largest online job search engine.

“Last Tuesday, for example, we received more than 12,000 job applications. The rate has risen considerably since Christmas, when up to 1,500 jobs were being applied for ” each day, she tells News Now Finland.

According to Duunitori, the number of people searching for a job is likely to rise even higher than January 2019, as 62,000 job applications have been received at the site so far this month – that’s up 14% already compared with a year before.

“A few days ago, we even set a record for this year as our site was visited by more than 100,000 people. Of course, not everyone of them applied for a job, but that’s still a remarkable up-turn” Laura Glad explains.

For comparison, the slowest time of the year for job applications is around Midsummer, when Duunitori gets around 30,000 visitors each day.

Other recruiting firms are also noticing the surge in people looking for a new job at the start of 2020.

“Markets tend to turn slightly down by the end of each year but the beginning of this year has once again been remarkably lively” says Jukka Illi, CEO at Helsinki-based recruitment services company Biisoni.

“Our recruitment rate continues growing strongly. We are expecting at least 100% growth in that area for sure and probably even more” he explains.

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New year, new you

As the number of people applying for new jobs increases during January, experts pinpoint several reasons why this is such a key month to search for fresh career opportunities.

“The rest of the year is often busy in many ways, so the beginning of the year might be a clean start for many. There are often such psychological factors” says Biisoni’s Jukka Illi.

Illi also says the New Year brings more job vacancies to the market, which encourage people to think about changing career direction.

“Companies are setting new budgets for the upcoming year, and then they will be considering recruitment that they have not, for one reason or another, been able to make before” he explains.

Duunitori’s Laura Glad says that people also take a long hard look at their career and what options are open to them at the start of a new year.

“Based on our analysis, we believe that there is a ‘new year, new me’ phenomenon wherein people may consider that it’s now the right time to start doing something else.”

She points out that many companies also seek temporary workers for the summer period, and those recruitment rounds also begin in January.

“Our statistics show summer job searches as well. January is the biggest peak in that respect” Glad adds.

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So where are the jobs?

With so many open jobs right now, and lots of people making applications, there are certain industries where it’s an especially favourable market for job-seekers.

Sectors such as hospitals, restaurants, construction, services and IT have a shortage of workers right now according to Laura Glad.

Jukka Illi says in general most sectors are looking for extra workers but the IT industry has an almost-permanent shortage of employees.

“The IT industry is overwhelming, and there is constantly fewer workers than the jobs” he says.

When it comes to regional differences the capital city region has by far the most managerial-level positions open, but it’s a different story elsewhere.

“Roughly outlines, the staff market is clearly focused on management in the metropolitan area, but there is a strong industrial side outside the capital” Illi adds.

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