New €200 million Jätkäsaari complex could become Helsinki’s home of floorball

The Royal Centre would have two large towers - one hosting tennis and squash courts, the other with a 350-room hotel.

Artist's impression of proposed new Royal Centre in Jätkäsaari / Credit: AW2 Architects

A new €200 million sports and hotel complex is planned for Helsinki’s neighbourhood of Jätkäsaari, and it could become the home of floorball in the capital city region.

The Royal Centre announced on Tuesday that more than 700 parking spaces will be included in the new complex, which also houses a 4,000-seater sports arena that could also be used for concerts or festivals; two ice rinks; a racquetball center with tennis, squash, padel and badminton courts.

There’s also a 350-room hotel, and a wellness centre offering sports and massage services.

When complete, the complex will dominate the city’s Western Harbour area, with the hotel rising to 116 meters high. All the rooms will have sea views, and the racquetball tower, which is as almost as tall as the nearby Clarion Hotel, will have indoor and outdoor tennis courts

“People are investing in their free time and wanting experiences. We want to give everyone the opportunity to have fun and experience a place that is easily accessible by public transport” explains Kim Sussmann, Managing Director of Royal Areena Oy, the project developer.

“The Royal Center sits well in the lively urban environment and complements Jätkäsaari’s evolving sports facilities. Each part of the project is complementary and the bar is set high in terms of quality and service” says Sussmann, who was previously behind the ill-fated plan to build a stadium in Espoo.

The 70,000 square meter project is being developed by Royal Areena Oy, and while the car park facilities will be completed during 2021, the rest of the complex is not set to fully open until 2024. Helsinki’s AW2 have done the architectural design work.

Floorball interested in city stadium

The Finnish Floorball Association has already been in talks with the developers about making the new arena their capital city home.

“The Floorball Association has been actively interacting with those in charge of the project, and various forms of cooperation have been negotiated” says the Association’s Public Relations Director Jari Kinnunen.

“At long last, Helsinki will have a long-awaited international floorball arena” he adds.