More Used Cars Imported From Abroad

Fun fact: Five times more used cars are sold in Finland each year than new cars.

File photo / Credit: Kamux Oy

Finnish car dealerships are increasingly bringing used cars from abroad.

Kamux, a Finnish company which specialises in used car sales, even has its own car shops in Sweden and Germany, where vehicles are brought to Finland if necessary.

“It means that consumers have a selection of more than 3000 cars from Finnish, Swedish and German showrooms, rather than just a choice from 100 cars in stock here in Finland” says Juha Kalliokoski, Kamux’s Managing Director. 
According to Pekka Rissa, Managing Director of the Finnish Confederation of Automobile Industries AKL says that diesel cars are popular with Finns because of the long distances that many people are used to driving. This is especially the case in rural and small towns.
In Finland, however, diesel cars account for a much smaller number of new cars than in many other countries, so it’s not always easy to find one at a car dealership. 
“If there is no money for a costly new diesel car, then bringing one from abroad is a preferred method” says Rissa. 
Foreign Imports
Pekka Rissa explains that in 2016, about 25,000 used cars were imported from overseas. Already this year, that number has grown to 29,000. 
Every year, some 600,000 to 650,000 used cars are sold in Finland and AKL prediccts that during 2017, approximately five times more used cars will be sold than new cars.
“The trade in used cars is much more stable than the trade in new cars” says Rissa. 
“Fluctuations in sales are not so dramatic as with sales of new cars when there is either a boom, or a downturn” he adds.