Lidl calls time on tons of plastic items in Finnish stores

The company will save around 36 tons of plastic waste by stopping selling disposable plastic products and switching to recyclable materials instead.

File picture showing exterior of Lidl supermarket / Credit: Lidl Finland

Lidl is calling time on tons of plastic items in its Finnish stores.

The supermarket chain says it is no longer selling disposable plastic items like cutlery and straws as part of the company’s strategy, begun in 2018, to replace all plastic products with recyclable materials instead, like wood.

In practice that means items like the plastic part of cotton swabs have been replaced by cardboard or wood.

”These are the exact actions we can do as a retailer in order to save the environment” says Tomas Heinrichs, Director of Purchasing at Lidl Suomi.

“Switching a plastic cotton swab is a small act for the individual store, but when we all come together to make changes, “suddenly we’re talking about impressive amounts” he adds.

Heinrichs says the renewables sector is developing strongly, with new products coming on the market all the time to replace plastics.

“We are happy to be at front line in this and we’re reducing the plastic wherever it’s possible and sensible” Heinrichs says.

Lidl’s decision to stop selling disposable plastics items will reduce plastic waste by up to 36 tons per year in Finland alone.

The company’s goal is to reduce its own-label plastic packaging by 20% internationally by the end of 2025. Another aim is to make all their own-brand products using recyclable packaging by the end of 2025 as well.