Latest figures: employment rising, unemployment falling 

There's positive news for the government's target of having a 75% employment rate.

File picture of job interview / Credit: iStock

New figures out this week show continued good news for the government on employment.

According to the Employment and Economic Development Offices the number of unemployed jobseekers in August was 232,600 – that’s down by more than 36,000 from the previous month and 10,700 less than a year before.

The number of long-term unemployed people, who have been out of work without interruption for at least a year – is down almost 10,000 from August 2018.

According to Statistics Finland the unemployment rate stands at 6.1%.

There’s good news too for the government’s employment goals with Finland now reaching a 72.5% employment rate.

The previous centre right government set a target of 72% employment which they met, and this has now been exceeded. The current government is aiming to create tens of thousands of new jobs and hit the target of 75% employment rate.

However critics have said it will be difficult to sustain this growth, taking into account a number of factors including a general slowing down of the global economy.