Growing gap in pay between bosses and employees

CEO salaries have grown by 20% in the same time as workers wages have only grown 14%.

File image of money / Credit: iStock

It’s no workplace secret that the bosses earn more money than the workers.

But do you know how much more?

Helsingin Sanomat has been tracking the salaries of CEOs at some major Finnish companies since 2006 and say they’ve spotted some big changes in the last year.

They found that on average CEOs received 48 times more cash than employees during 2018.

Back in 2010 the different was 37 times.

The widening gap can be attributed in part to stock bonuses, says Helsingin Sanomat, but also in part by an increase in CEO salaries.

According to the research, CEO’s fixed basic salaries have risen by 20% since 2010 while over the same period the wages of an average worker increased by only 14%.