Google announces €600 million investment in Hamina data centre

The tech company opened its Hamina plant back in 2011, and signed a renewables deal with three Finnish wind farms last year.

File picture of Google HQ in Palo Alto, California / Credit: iStock

Tech company Google is planning to invest around €600 million to expand its data centre at Hamina.

The company opened its first Finnish data centre in a renovated papermill in the south coast town back in 2011. It uses sea water from the Gulf of Finland to cool the temperature inside.

Now the company says its total investment in Finland will be €1.4 billion as it keeps up with demand from companies – as well as individuals who use the internet – who want to save more of their data in cloud storage.

Last year, Google announced it was buying energy from three Finnish wind farms to add renewable capacity to the same grid from where it draws power for the Hamina data centre, the first deal of its kind in Europe.

Google owns a number of services like YouTube and gmail which require vast amounts of storage space, and they need to be able to cool the storage infrastructure.

The company is also set to expand more into video gaming with a new streaming service called Stadia, a cloud-based gaming service which will launch this summer.