Fiskars to cut up to 60 jobs in Finland

The redundancies - 220 in total worldwide - are part of a restructuring plan to save millions of euros by the end of next year.

File picture of classic orange Fiskars scissors / Credit: Fiskars

Finnish homeware brand Fiskars, best known internationally for their distinctive orange-handled scissors, is starting negotiations to cut 220 jobs.

Some 476 employees are part of the restructuring negotiations, and while most of the redundancies will come in the company’s global workforce, up to 60 jobs will be lost in Finland.

It’s part of a plan by the company to save €20 million in costs by the end of next year.

“Our business environment is still changing. We’re building the future of the business and focusing more clearly on consumers, in line with our strategic priorities” says Fiskars Group CEO Jaana Tuominen.

“While these actions ensure our ability to invest in our future, decisions are difficult due to the impact on our personnel. We support our staff through the process and communicate openly and inclusively” she says.

Fiskars Group employs around 7300 people in total, with 1100 of those staff working in Finland.

In November 2018 Fiskars announced a previous restructuring and cost-savings programme. At that time the company sought to save €17 million, and cut jobs in  Australia, Japan and Indonesia but not in Finland.

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