Fiskars cutting costs and trimming international jobs

The Finnish company plans to overhaul its operations with the aim of saving €17 million per year.

File picture of classic orange Fiskars scissors / Credit: Fiskars

Finnish homeware brand Fiskars is set to cut international jobs as part of a cost savings plan.

The company – perhaps best known for its distinctive orange kitchen scissors – aims to reduce costs through a restructuring programme that will cost €40 million to implement, but ultimately save Fiskars some €17 million per year by 2021.

“These planned changes focus on increasing operational efficiency and simplifying business operations. With the programme, we are building on a solid foundation for profitable growth” says Ulla Lettijeff, Fiskars Senior Vice President of Living in a statement.

With cost cuts come job cuts as well, although they will likely happen in Japan, Australia and Indonesia not in Finland.

“As with any restructuring, we anticipate that this programme will have an impact on some roles and responsibilities. We are committed to creating new career opportunities internally where possible, but it will also be necessary to discontinue some roles” says Maija Taimi, Vice President of Communications and Sustainability.

“As the planning progresses, we will engage and work closely with employees and employee representatives to ensure that people are fully informed and consulted about our proposals” she tells News Now Finland.

Fiskars hasn’t said yet how many jobs will eventually be lost, nor when the cuts will happen.