Finns get comfortable and relax during lockdown

Sokos customers are stocking up on beauty treatment and comfy clothes, and leaving formal work wear or makeup behind.

File picture of Sokos department store / Credit: SOK

Finns are getting comfortable and relaxing at home during the coronavirus lockdown, spending more money on spa treatments and leisure wear clothing according to SOK’s department stores.

Although there was a significant drop in customers to the physical stores, e-commerce has been booming with shoppers stocking up on beauty masks and peels, with sales of pedicure products increasing by 40%.

“Especially the more valuable branded skin care products for women and men are being traded. However, demand for makeup and colour cosmetics has clearly declined. There is no make-up for the home office, and on the other hand people want to try color cosmetics before buying” explains SOK Development Director Päivi Juntunen.

In addition to beauty products sales of more formal clothes for work has declined while sales of men’s t-shirts, hoodies and jeans have gone up.

Sales of home goods like cooking utensil, bedroom and bathroom textiles and cutlery have increased by almost a fifth.

“There is now a clear focus on the home. Sales of home products are further boosted by the fact that people spend more time at home and also prepare more food at home than usual” says Juntunen.

There are 11 large Sokos department stores, and 10 smaller stores in mostly city centre locations around the country. The first store opened in Helsinki in 1952 when the capital hosted the Olympic Games.