Finnish Companies Get Cyber Tested

Simulated cyber attack reveal weaknesses in Finnish company defences

Credit: Pixabay Creative Commons License

Finnish companies have been busy preparing themselves for possible cyber attacks but with mixed results.

Silverskin, a Helsinki-based cyber attack company, says that in its simulations, one third of companies got a bad rating.

Over the last year, 30 Finnish companies in the financial sector, small and medium sized businesses and public sector departments took part in the tests. A variety of methods were used to probe their defences, including phone hacks, email phishing, social media phishing, and physical ‘attacks’ on company premises.

“Our staff worked for example as IT support staff, maintenance personnel and laboratory staff and managed to stay on the premises for several hours” says Silverskin’s Managing Director Marko Savolainen.

The ‘spies’ were able to infiltrate areas of product development, financial management and senior managers.

Silverskin also revealed that during the cyber tests, nearly 60% of fake emails were opened. One-in-five people also clicked on links that could have hacked their company’s information system.