Finnair Names New CEO

Former Nordea executive takes to the skies as boss of the state-owned company in January.

File photo of Finnair plane / Credit; News Now Finland

Finland’s national airline has named a new CEO.

Topi Manner takes over running the company, which is majority state-owned, after a career at Nordea Bank.

The 44-year-old replaces Pekka Vauramo, who starts a new job as CEO of engineering company Metso.

“I am proud that I have been selected to be part of the team to build up Finnair’s future and develop, along with colleagues, the experiences of flying and tourism” says Manner.

The Chairman of Finnair’s Board of Directors Jouko Karvinen, praised Manner’s experience in private and corporate business, and in particular, his role in developing Nordea’s digital business and customer service.

Manner had a long career at Nordea, first starting work there in 1997, and says it was a tough decision to leave his old job.

“The decision to leave was difficult for me as I have been working there my entire career. But the possibility of being part of developing Finnair going forward was an offer that I could not reist” Manner says in a press release.

Topi Manner starts his new Finnair role in January 2019.