Finland’s startup workers earn less than Nordic counterparts

Finnish entrepreneurs might earn less, but they work fewer hours as well.

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Do you ever wonder how your salary compares to people doing similar jobs in neighbouring countries?

A new study finds that people working in Finnish startups are earning less than their Nordic counterparts – but they’re also working fewer hours as well.

The research was carried out by Danske Bank and collected information from more than 700 people in different startup jobs.

The survey finds that Finnish startup workers earn on average €45,000 per year while in Denmark startup wages are an average of €61,000.

The best paid startup employees work in management and technical roles, and men have higher average base salaries than women – when when experience, function, seniority and company size are taken into account.

Shorter working weeks

While Finns might not win when it comes to comparing startup salaries across the Nordic region, they do okay in other areas.

Finnish startup employees work the shortest working week at 42 hours on average; while their Norwegian counterparts put in 49 hours each week.