Espoo company sending 200 decontamination units to Wuhan coronavirus hospital

200 stand-alone air decontamination units will be sent from Finland to China to equip one of the new hospitals being built there dealing with the deadly epidemic.

File picture of decontamination unit / Credit: Genano

A Finnish clear air technology company is supplying essential decontamination units for the Chinese city worst hit by the new coronavirus outbreak.

Espoo-based Genano will send 200 of their units to one of two new hospitals currently being built in Wuhan.

“We had some 30 devices ready, and everything is produced in Finland” explains Genano CEO Niklas Skogster.

“Ten were sitting already in China and 20 we had in Finland. Those 20 machines left by air the other day and now we’re assembling as much as we can” he tells News Now Finland.

One of the problems with such a big, last minute order, is getting enough component parts to build the stand-alone decontamination units, which eliminate all airborne microbes like viruses and bacteria.

“The stress moment is in the supply chain, how to get the right parts and how can everyone react to this” says Skogster.

The company said this deal is worth hundreds of thousands of euros, with each air decontamination room retailing fro between €5000 and €10,000 depending on the model.

Genano has previous experience dealing with a similar outbreak. They provided isolation rooms for hospitals in Saudi Arabia during the MERS epidemic.