Employment rate still rising, despite economy challenges

The government's goal of hitting a 75% employment rate is inching closer.

File picture of job interview / Credit: iStock

The number of people in employment has crept up slightly to 72.8% in September, and the number of unemployed job seekers has fallen month-to-month as well.

New figures released Tuesday by Statistics Finland show 40,000 more people in work in September compared with the previous year.

The government has set a goal to get a 75% employment rate although experts say that is a tough target as the economy starts to slow down – not just in Finland but internationally.

The unemployment rate in September remains unchanged from August at 6.7%.

The number of long-term unemployed people – that is, those who have been unemployed without interruption for at least a year – stands at 62,600 which is down 7800 year on year.

And the number of young people unemployed in September, under age 25, is 27,900 which is down 1200 from the previous year.