Dock renovation and recruitment as Meyer Turku starts work on huge new cruise ship

Hundreds of new jobs on the west coast as shipyard order books are full until 2025.

File picture of ceremony on first day of Costa Toscana construction at Meyer Turku shipyard / Credit: Meyer Turku

Crews at Meyer Turku shipyard started work Tuesday on a huge new cruise ship project that will take more than two years to complete.

The 185,000 tonne Costa Toscana will offer more than 2600 luxury cabins for passengers when it’s delivered to its Italian owners in autumn 2021.

The Toscana joins sister ship Costa Smeralda which Meyer Turku will complete in just a few months.

“With the first Costa ship, Costa Smeralda, being delivered in October, both of these ships will have lots of beautiful design and interesting features, and of course very high quality work and best-in-industry engineering. We are very proud to build these ships for Costa” CEO Jan Meyer said at an event to mark the start of construction.

The Costa contracts benefit from a €200 million investment at the west coast shipyard, including new plasma cutter technology, and a refit of the dry dock area where the Toscana is being built.

“We have been shaping the end of the dry dock, but not really extending it, so it’s easier to build there, and we have more logistics space to move stuff around” explains Tapani Mylly, Meyer Turku’s Communications Manager.

“The steel parts and hull are built by us and all the machinery like the engines comes from outside. We just assemble them, but still it’s a lot of work” Mylly tells News Now Finland.

With orders on the books until 2025, Meyer Turku is recruiting hundreds of extra staff, and looking for applications with or without previous experience in the shipbuilding industry.

Positions include designers, project managers and foremen, as well as quality control and procurement roles.

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