Credit Crunch: Bank Worker Strike Closes Branches

Talks between employers, bank worker unions and mediators broke down with no agreement on weekend working conditions and pay.

File photo of strike signs / Credit: iStock

Bank branches across Finland are closed for business, as a two day strike by financial workers begins.

In practice it means branches of Nordiea, OP, Akta and Danske Bank will be closed on Thursdays and Friday.

However, banks say they will try to ensure online banking, card services, payments and cash machines should work as normal.

The strike comes after talks between unions, employers and mediators broke down over weekend working conditions and pay.

Finland’s National Conciliator Minna Helle, who has been leading the talks, wrote on Twitter that “the situation is still deadlocked” after hours of negotiations.

“The parties’ differences of opinion are so great that the dispute can not yet be resolved” Helle wrote in a statement.

So far, no new rounds of mediation talks are planned.