Bank Worker Negotiations; Labour Agreement Deadlines

Fresh hopes to end long-running banking dispute, as other key labour union negotiations continue this week.

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[Update 18:00] Service Workers Union PAM says there are still no solutions in several major areas in their ongoing collective agreement negotiations. The deadline to complete talks was today, but PAM Chairperson Ann Selin says the negotiations will continue past the deadline.

There’s new hopes today to end a long running bank workers dispute.

National Conciliator Minna Helle has made a fresh proposal to financial sector workers to end a disagreement over employment terms.

Bank workers started mediation back in December, and went on strike for two days in January protesting weekend working conditions.

Now, Helle says she has submitted a proposed settlement, and wants the parties involved in the dispute to give an answer by 11:00 on Friday morning. There’s currently no more strike action threatened by bank workers, but they are refusing to do overtime.

Labour Agreement Deadlines Looming

Meanwhile this week is important for a number of collective agreement talks.

The Union of Health and Social Care Professionals in Finland Tehy, and the Finnish Union of Practical Nurses SuPer are demanding more compensation for working on holidays. The two unions represent around 250,000 trained nursing staff between them.

“It is clear that the settlement cannot be canceled, but its disadvantages now need to be reimbursed to wage earners when the economic situation has clearly improved and growth prospects have been raised. There is no longer a basis for such austerity measures” the unions say in a press statement.

Municipal workers also continue their collective agreement negotiations this week, with officials saying the negotiations are very difficult.

And transport union workers – many of whom are joining industrial action on Friday – are holding key talks about their collective working agreements. But union leaders stress that they’re not using the strike as a way to put pressure on the negotiations.