Baltic gas pipeline work completed to connect Finland and Estonia

The natural gas pipeline is 77km long and links Inkoo with Paldiski.

File picture of boat laying the pipeline / Credit: Balticconnector

Work to lay a gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea to connect Finland and Estonia has been completed ahead of schedule this week.

The Balticconnector project links Inkoo on Finland south coast with Paldiski in Estonia and will connect the natural gas grids of the two countries and help ensure regional gas supply security.

Work began on the project in 2018, with the first section of pipe laid down earlier this month. The installation was completed on 24th June.

“It feels great to have the ends of the offshore pipeline in plain view on both sides of the Gulf of Finland” says Project Director Tom Främling in a press release.

“Installing the offshore pipeline is the biggest single work phase in the Balticconnector project, and completing it ahead of time is the results of an excellent cooperation between different stakeholders” he says.

The 77km pipeline will eventually be able to carry 2 billion cubic metres of gas every year when operations begin. The construction has an estimated cost of €300 million which is partly financed by the European Commission, the Finnish Government and Estonian company Elering.