Alko sales jump 23% in April, during coronavirus lockdown

The increase in sales coincides with the most stringent coronavirus lockdown period with cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs remaining closed until the end of May.

File picture showing different Alko logos / Credit: Alko

Finland’s state alcohol monopoly Alko sold 23% more booze in April this year compared to the year before.

The increase coincides with the most stringent lockdown measures during the coronavirus crisis when bars, cafes, restaurants and other licensed premises were closed. Those businesses will stay closed until 31st May.

Alko saw around 5% more shoppers visiting their physical stores in April, while 15,000 e-commerce online sales were made – an increase of 110% year-on-year. Those orders are available to collect at stores or pick-up points.

“Our customers have adapted well to the new situation and have done business in stores outside the traditional peak times” says Leena Laitinen, Alko’s CEO.

The biggest increase in sales during April was rosé wines which went up by 40%. Red wine sales increased 35% and white wine rose by 28%. Sparkling wine sales dipped by 2% year-on-year, perhaps as a results of public Vappu celebrations being canceled.

Some Members of Parliament have called for the laws on alcohol sales to be relaxed, so that any restaurants or cafes which have remained open to offer take-away and delivery services, could also sell alcohol to supplement their income.