Write about your weekend, inspired by a Finnish classic

Record your thoughts, feelings and actions from today, then submit them to be part of a Finnish historical archive.

File picture of Kalevala book / Credit: News Now Finland

Do you have a story to tell? The Finnish Literature Society SKS is encouraging people to write about their day, in a once-in-a-decade event designed to get a snapshot of life in Finland.

The society is looking for the mundane and the adventurous alike, answering questions such as who did you meet; what thoughts are you thinking and how do you feel; do you regret anything; and what do you remember about today to tell others later?

“The idea is to get a comprehensive cross-section of what people have done exactly in this day” explains Katri Kivilaakso, the Literature Society’s Chief of Collections.

“The point is that it will be the same date every ten years and we’re hoping to get as much journal entries as possible for it” she tells News Now Finland.

There’s no special criteria for taking part, anyone can take part and write about their day today – in any language.

The first event took place on 2nd February 1999, paying tribute to then-150-year old national epic Kalevala. That day there were 23,000 journal entries made by people all around the country.

The Finnish journal day took place again a decade later in February 2009 and received almost 12,000 posts.

This year you can delivery your own journal entries about Saturday 2nd February to the Finnish Literary Society’s website before the end of the month.

Later, all the diary entries will be archived and available to read at the Finnish Literary Society.