Wounded bear attacks and seriously injures hunter

Hunting season began earlier this week, and in a Thursday incident one hunter was injured as it took a number of shots and a chase to put the bear out of its misery.

File photo of Finnish brown bears / Credit: Visit Finland

A man who was hunting a bear in Central Ostrobothia has been mauled by the animal, and left in a serious condition in hospital.

According to local police the man was with a hunting party on Thursday morning, on the trail of a mid-sized female animal.

The hunters shot at the bear but only wounded her, and the animal ran off, with the hunting party informing the local emergency centre that there was a wounded bear in the forest.

The group again tracked down the animal using hunting dogs, and shot at it, but still didn’t kill it.

The hunters and their dogs followed the bear to a location where they hoped to put it out of its misery but the bear attacked one of the hunters even as he fired several more shots at the animal.

According to a police statement, the hunting dogs then attacked the bear while the hunter was on the ground and kept it at bay until it could finally be put down.

Police say the hunter was seriously injured but is not in life-threatening danger. Police also underscore that the injured bear was acting on instinct.

Police don’t suspect any crime.

Bear hunting season began earlier this week, with more than 300 licenses issued to hunt Finland’s brown bears.