Wolf killed after stalking a woman and her baby in Kauhajoki

Professionals from the Finnish Wildlife Agency SRVA were called in to terminate the wild animal.

Map showing location of Kauhajoki in South Ostrobothnia / Credit: Google Maps

Authorities in Kauhajoki have shot dead a wolf after it followed a woman walking with her baby in a stroller to their home, and lingered around the yard.

The incident happened on 5th January in Haukanperä neighbourhood of the town, which is in South Ostrobothnia roughly half way between Pori and Vaasa.

Police say the animal had lost its natural fear of humans and followed the woman pushing the stroller on the street; and this was the reason a decision was taken to terminate the animal on public safety grounds.

The Finnish Wildlife Agency SRVA holds primary responsibility for killing wolves and their personnel were called in to shoot the animal. However, in the case of an acute incident the termination can also be carried out by police.

According to Finland’s Dangerous Wildlife Act, any damage caused by a wolf to domestic or farm animals must be reported to regional authorities who are in charge of investigating the incident.