WATCH: Tampere’s new trams start a week of test trips

The distinctive red trams are beginning a week of practical testing on the new route through Tampere.

File picture of Tampere tram testing operations, 14th September 2020 / Credit: @tampereenratikka twitter

Tampere’s new tram takes to the streets today in a week of test runs – but without passengers.

The tests will take place between Turtola and Itsenäisyydenkatu station tunnel; and on Teiskontie between Sammonaukio and Kuapinkatu each day from 09:00 and 15:00.

“We carry out test runs on weekdays outside peak ours” explains Niina Uolamo a project engineer at Tampere Raitiotie Oy.

“Both the track and technical systems, and the tram will be tested” she adds.

The tram will initially start moving just at walking speed, but then gradually increased – the maximum speed is 60km per hour between Turtola and Reiväkatu. There will be traffic controllers out along the test route signaling to other road users when to stop and go, independent of the traffic light system during this testing period.

Signs along the route will remind drivers, cyclists and pedestrians that the tram tests are taking place. The trams will run back and forth on the test route, in each direction, while tracks, gear, control mechanisms and traffic lights are put through their paces.