WATCH: Rare Saimaa seal puts on a rock show

Sunshine brought one of Lake Saimaa's most shy inhabitants out to sunbathe and frolic.

A Saimaa Ringed Seal basks on a rock, in a still image taken from WWF Suomi webcam / Credit: WWF Suomi

A rare Saimaa Ringed Seal called Moona has been thrilling viewers of a live webcam, as she basks on a rock in eastern Finland on Thursday afternoon.

The Norppa Live camera was set up again this year for the fourth time by the Finnish WWF, pointed at the spot that’s become a favourite place for a seal called Pullervo over the last few years.

WATCH: 1 minute video of Thursday’s seal showing off for viewers!


WWF Suomi says Thursday afternoon’s performer was not Pullervo, but a second seal called Moona who has also taken a shine to the same rock on the shores of Lake Saimaa.

Pullervo has already been seen several times on the rock since the camera went live earlier in May.

There’s less than 400 Saimaa ringed seals left in the wild, one of the few species of freshwater seals to be found anywhere. They weigh up to 90kg and eat fish found in Lake Saimaa.

Watch the live camera here: