WATCH: Do Finns prefer strawberry jam or almond paste?

It's the most divisive topic in the country, on the tastiest bakery day of the year!

File picture of laskiaispulla cream buns for Shrove Tuesday / Credit: News Now Finland

Finns celebrate Shrove Tuesday this week – known as Laskiainen in Finnish.

It’s the culmination of late winter, and the start of the Easter period, and blends official church religious doctrines and pagan traditions as well.

In Finland some of those traditions involve going sledging, but the most important tradition is to eat laskiaispulla: buns filled with whipped cream and either strawberry jam or almond paste.

The dilemma over jam or almond filling in the laskiaispulla is a conversation topic at this time of year, and while one bakery in Helsinki said they sell more strawberry buns than almond, often people will buy one of each to take with them.

Watch our video from 2019 as we asked people for their opinions: strawberry jam or almond paste?