WATCH: Border Guard rescues Akita puppy from unsafe ice

A grateful owner took to social media to thank rescue crews for saving her dog - and her husband!

Still image of Border Guard rescuer saving dog from ice / Credit: @rajaheko Twitter

A helicopter rescue crew from the Border Guard has received thanks from a woman, after they saved her 10-month old Akita puppy from unsafe ice.

The incident happened last week near Kirkkonummi when the dog went onto the ice, which wasn’t strong enough to take the animal’s weight.

Local crews from the Western Uusimaa Rescue Department first saved the dog owner, but a helicopter had to be called in to rescue the dog.

“First my husband and then the dog were rescued. I never felt such great gratitude. I really like to pay my taxes. Thank you” writes Sari Pilviö on Facebook.

“Thanks for your great work, thanks again. We’ve been wondering how to say thank you to the rescuer” she adds.

One rescuer was winched down from the helicopter into the water, and hoisted the hapless Akita onto the ice. He propelled it forward to carve a path through the partially-frozen surface and get the animal onto dry land where other rescuers were waiting to wrap it in a blanket.

In a Twitter posting the Border Guard warns people not to go on the ice because it has become so thin in all coastal areas.

Over the Easter weekend they had to rescue at least five people near Oulu who fell through the ice.