WATCH: Activists stage Helsinki ‘die-in’ to highlight climate change threat

The stunt was part of a week-long series of events across Europe, aimed to highlight the grave dangers to the planet from climate change.

A still image from the Extinction Rebellion video showing 'die in' at Kamppi shopping centre, 18th April 2019 / Credit: Extinction Rebellion Finland Suomi

A group of activists has staged a Helsinki protest that was part performance art, and part shocking commentary on climate change.

The Extinction Rebellion Finland Suomi¬†group gathered more than two dozen people in Helsinki’s Kamppi shopping centre on Thursday evening, and they all played dead in front of stunned onlookers.

Some eyewitnesses took video and photos on their mobile phones. Other passers-by picked up leaflets that fell from the hands of the ‘dead’ activists.

After several minutes, a bemused shopping centre security guard wandered through the prone protesters, seemingly unsure what to do.

It was part of a week-long series of events by the group, including another die-in planned for Lahti, and reading the names of Finland’s endangered species out in public places. There’s also workshops and a party with live music.

“There is no greater cause than to protect life on this planet, our only home. it is time to rebel for life. See you on the streets!” says the group’s Facebook page.

“All of the actions will be entirely non-violent. We want everyone to be welcome, safe and able to take part in the rebellion” it adds.

The Extinction Rebellion group have hit the headlines this week over their their protests.

Three were charged in London after gluing themselves to a train, while others chained themselves to a politician’s home.

More than 340 people were arrested in London this week over their roles in Extinction Rebellion protests in the British capital.

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