Warm Weather Ahead

Hurricane Gert on the east coast of the United States may have an impact on next week's cooler autumn weather for Finland.

Credit: News Now Finland

Summertime will continue at least for the next few days, the Finnish Meteorological Institute confidently predicts.

On Thursday and Friday, overnight temperatures will be between +12°C and +16°C, while daytime temperatures in the south and in Lapland will be around +20°C.  Thursday in particular is set to be a hot one.

However, meteorologist Ari Mustala says exactly what everyone expects at this time of year: next week the weather will turn autumnal.

Although forecasting for next week can’t be 100% accurate, there are factors which give meteorologists some hints of what’s in store.

For example, Hurricane Gert, which is brewing off the east coast of Florida in the USA some 7,500km from Finland, could impact weather here.

Gert is expected to weaken, and create a low-pressure area in Scandinavia. According to meteorologist Ari Mustala, the route that Gert takes will make a difference on whether there’s warmer air or cooler air heading in our direction: although the assumption right now is that it will be cooler.

“More detailed conclusions can only be made later in the week” says Mustala. “But the forecast right now is to be cooler next week”.