VR timetables return to 85% of normal service in June

File picture of VR trains at Helsinki Central Railway Station / Credit: iStock

Finland’s train network operator VR says it’s returning to “near normal” service from the middle of next month.

VR is currently running about 50% of its services and plans to increase that to 85% by 15th June.

“Domestic tourism is more relevant this summer than ever before. Increasing train services means more choice and flexibility for the customer to travel, when the time of travel can be chosen outside of peak hours” says Topi Simola, VR’s Director of Passenger Traffic.

Services will increase to Kokkola, Kemi, Jyväskylä and Kajaani – perhaps not surprising since Finnair announced this week it wouldn’t operate any summer flights to those cities. Night trains to Kemijärvi and Kolari will also start again, as well as car train services.

VR is restoring train services to summer tourism destinations like Hanko, Ekenäs and Savonlinna; and also increasing the number of trains stopping at Oulu, Seinäjoki and Vaasa.

The renewed timetable comes with more precautions due to coronavirus.

“We are switching to disinfectant washing liquids for train cleaning, and intensified the cleaning of contact surfaces” says Simola.

Passengers are being urged to travel responsibly by keeping safe distances between themselves and others, and to avoid taking the train at peak times where possible.