VR phasing out allergy cabins on long distance trains

The company says there's just too many different allergies, and too many passengers, to guarantee a truly allergy-free environment.

File picture of VR trains at Helsinki Central Railway Station / Credit: iStock

Train operator VR is phasing out the special allergy cabins on long distance trains.

The cabins are one of several custom spaces that VR has on its trains, including conference meeting rooms, pet cabins and children’s play areas.

But from December this year it won’t be possible to book any seats in special allergy cabins because the company says they can’t guarantee how allergy-free they really are.

“Due to the wide variety of allergies and sensitivities, and the tens of thousands of passengers traveling on our long-haul trains every day, it has not been possible to guarantee a completely allergy-free environment for all our passengers” VR says in a statement on its website.

Despite no dedicated cabins, VR says that InterCity and Pendolino trains have allergy-friendly materials, and from spring 2020 allergy-friendly materials will be rolled into into sleeping compartments – except those reserved for pet travel.