Two Finns found dead in Spanish apartment

Neighbours alerted police after noticing an unpleasant smell - the bodies may have been inside for several days before discovery.

General image of Calle Río Retortillo in Mijas, Spain - the same street where the bodies of 2 Finns were found in an apartment / Credit: Google Maps

Two Finnish nationals have been found dead in an apartment in Spain, with local media reporting they may have died of an overdose.

Police in the southern town of Mijas made the discovery on Thursday after neighbours reported a strong smell coming from the apartment.

Inside, officers found the bodies of a Finnish woman born in 1992 and a Finnish man born in 1983, although neither are reported to be the owners of the apartment. Police think the pair may have been dead for several days before their bodies were discovered.

The town of Mijas is situated inland from the popular holiday resort destination of Fuengirola, on Spain’s Mediterranean coast.

The bodies have now been taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine in Malaga where autopsies will be carried out.