Twenty-two soldiers injured in Lapland reindeer accident

Two military vehicles and a herd of reindeer were involved in the Kainuu Brigade crash.

File picture of military exercises, September 2019 / Credit: Defence Command

Twenty-two Finnish soldiers have been injured when the armoured vehicle they were riding in swerved to avoid a herd of reindeer on the road, and hit another military vehicle in front of it.

The incident happened on Tuesday evening around 18:00 between Ketola and Kemijärvi, in an area where the military was carrying out exercises.

According to the army, the exercises “serve to develop local defence readiness and capability as well as inter-authority interoperability in rapidly evolving situations.”

There were a total of 28 military personnel from Kainuu Brigade in the two vehicles, and 22 were taken to hospital for treatment for minor injures.

All but five were released on Wednesday morning, with the remaining soldiers being discharged from Lapland Central Hospital during the afternoon.

File photo of reindeer in Saariselkä, Lapland / Credit: News Now Finland

It’s not unusual for reindeer to be involved in road traffic accidents in Lapland, especially at this time of year they might be coming in from remote pastures and into more low-lying areas as winter approaches.




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