Three killed in ski resort cabin fire

Condolences have come from the head of the local tourist board, who says the tragedy touches everyone in the community.

Map showing Levi / Credit: Google Maps

Three people have been killed in an overnight fire at Levi ski resort in Lapland.

Rescue crews got called around 04:00 on Friday morning to a two-storey log cabin in the town’s Rakkavaara neighbourhood.

One of the occupants had heard a smoke alarm and was able to get out of the building, but three others inside died in the fire.

Clear-up operations by the fire department, and an investigation by the police were still happening on Friday afternoon.

Although police aren’t releasing information yet about where the tour group were from until next of kin are informed, it has been reported in Finnish media that they were from the south of the country.

“Last night there was a fire in Levi, where three people perished. Levi’s tourism community shares in the grief for those who died” writes Yrjötapio Kivisaari, Managing Director of Visit Levi.

“This kind of event deeply touches our entire region and our community” he says.