Three Finns Injured in Russia Canal Crash

Map of Lake Nuijamaa showing the Finnish & Russian borders where the boat crash happened.

Three Finnish men have been injured and taken to hospital after a waterway crash on the Russian side of the border.

The accident happened around 9:30am on Wednesday morning near the Pälli lock system on Lake Nuijamaa. Officials say an aluminium boat collided with a beacon light on the side of the canal at the entrance to the lock.

The injured men were contractors working for the Finnish Transport Agency, doing maintenance work on the canal.

Emergency responders were sent from Lappeenranta about one hour away, and crossed over the border with Russia to reach the injured men.

“We had one fire unit and three ambulances” South Karelia Fire Chief Arto Taina tells News Now Finland. “We got a little information about the accident and the guys were on the shore so we didn’t need any rescue divers or whatever” he says.

The workers’ injuries are not said to be life threatening.