Three Dead In Suspected Drunk Driving Crash

Car tried to evade police, and ended up hitting a vehicle in the oncoming lane, and bursting into flames.

Map showing Mäntyharju / Credit: Google Maps

Three people are dead after a suspected drunk driver lead police on a chase that ended in a fiery crash.

It happened near Mäntyharju in south Savo shortly before 13:00 this afternoon.

Police say they received a tip about a possible drunk driver, and were following the vehicle when the accident happened.

In an attempt to evade police, the car reached speeds of 80 kilometers, and drove on cycle lanes.

“It speeded up so fast that officers lost sight of it within a few minutes” says Police Commissioner Harri Kääpä.

The vehicle first hit a car in front of it, then went into oncoming traffic and hit another car in the opposing lane. The car burst into flames, and the suspected drunk driver, and two people in the oncoming car were killed in the crash. Another two people in the car in front were injured and taken to hospital, but they are not thought to be seriously hurt.

Finnish police have the power to follow or stop vehicles for a number of reasons, although the most common is drunk driving, and most of those arrested are young men, according to officials.