Thomas Cook collapse leaves Tjäreborg customers grounded

There's almost 3000 Finnish holidaymakers currently abroad on Tjäreborg packages, with Thomas Cook Scandinavia charter flights canceled on Monday.

File picture showing interior of Thomas Cook plane / Credit: Thomas Cook Scandinavia Flickr

The collapse of British travel company Thomas Cook is having an impact on thousands of Finnish holidaymakers as well.

Thomas Cook is the parent company of Finnish travel agency Tjäreborg, which has now canceled all Thomas Cook Scandinavia charter flights on Monday.

At Helsinki Airport this morning, passengers waiting for holiday flights were told shortly before they were due to board that their holiday had been canceled.

The cancellations affect 525 outbound passengers on five charter flights from Finland on Monday.

“We are extremely sorry for the situation and the inconvenience and anger caused to our customers” says Magnus Wikner, CEO of Thomas Cook Northern Europe in a statement.

“Until the last, we try to organize things so that flights could be flown. However, it proved impossible and Monday flights will have to be canceled” Wikner adds.

What happens to Tjäreborg customers?

There’s almost 3000 Finns currently at their holiday resorts overseas, and today many will be wondering how they’re going to get home.

The travel agency is reassuring them that nobody will be stranded.

“We are currently working hard to ensure that our return flights are as smooth as possible. We are extremely sorry for the situation and the inconvenience and anger caused to our customers” says Tjäreborg in a statement.

Today’s cancellations only affect charter flights on Thomas Cook Scandinavia planes. Anyone who booked a holiday with Tjäreborg, but their flights are with other airlines, should still go to the airport as normal.

For anyone currently on holiday, Tjäreborg is working to book return flights for passengers but urge holidaymakers to speak to the company’s representative at the resort for the latest information.

All travel packages booked through Tjäreborg are subject to the Travel Package Act which means that the cost of any cancelled flights or holidays should be refunded and nobody will be left behind at an airport overseas at the end of their holidays.