THL: More than a third of gambling done by people with a gambling problem

There was some good news to report: the amount of 'at-risk' gambling has been decreasing in Finland.

File picture of slot machine / Credit: iStock

More than a third of all gambling in Finland is done by players with a gambling problem.

That’s the headline from a new THL study released on Tuesday which also finds that just 2.5% of players account for 50% of all gambling in Finland.

In this group of around 72,000 people, gambling problems were particularly common: 62% had some level of addiction, 14% were ‘at risk’ gamblers, and just 24% were gambling without any adverse effects.

‘At risk’ gambling means actions which cause individual harm and is measured by an internationally-agreed assessment scale.

However it’s not all bad news where Finland’s gambling is concerned. “The results published in the spring showed that risk-level gambling has decreased in Finland, which is a good direction” saus Anne Salonen, a researcher at THL.

“It is worrying that a small group of players will lose and experience even more gambling problems than before” she adds.

In 2019, gambling problems were most common among people who were unemployed or laid off, and earned a net income of €501 to €1,000 per month.