The question that divides the nation: pineapple pizza, yes or no?

Thirty-two percent of all Kotipizzas ordered online have a pineapple topping.

File picture of pineapple pizza / Credit: iStock

It’s a serious question that divides the nation: does pineapple belong on pizza or not?

Luckily Kotipizza has found the answer by doing a survey of 1.6 million pizzas they delivered so far this year to find out what Finns prefer on their pizzas.

No, it’s not a scientific study – but let’s face it you didn’t click on this link expecting science, did you?

Kotipizza has found that pineapple is Finland’s most popular topping – with 32% of all their pizzas sold online this year covered in the tropical fruit.

The most common type of pizza was ‘choose your own’, and customers preferred the three-topping combination of pineapple, blue cheese and pepperoni the best. And of the top 10 most popular three-topping combinations, nine of them include pineapple.

Although Kotipizza always knew pineapple was a popular topping in Finland, it’s only thanks to the growth of their digital retail business that they’ve been able to more accurately track the nation’s favourite toppings.

More than 20% of the company’s pizzas are now ordered online.

A love of pineapple on pizza does vary depending where in Finland you live.

The most popular place is Häme where 38% of all pizza toppings included pineapple; while in Lapland it’s less than 33%.