Tampere’s new tram colour choices unveiled

Final design details of the new trams are revealed, now there's just the colour to be decided.

File picture of the two final colour options of the new Tampere tram system / Credit: City of Tampere

Tampere has narrowed down the search for the city’s new tram colour, and is asking members of the public to help them decide which to choose.

Today, officials published the first images of the new tram mocked up in two final colours: red and light blue.

More than 14,000 votes were cast in the competition open to the public to find the right colour for the trams, which enter service in 2021.

Size matters

Tampere’s future tram network might be smaller than Helsinki’s, but the trams themselves will be bigger.

The new 37-meter long trams will be able to carry up to 264 passengers in total; they’ll have space for 12 prams or six large wheelchairs; six bike places or four dogs. Energy that’s generated when the trams brake will be put back into the electricity network or used by the trams to heat up during winter.

“The tram will be cozy, spacious and bright, and clearly differs from its cousin in the capital” says Pekka Sirviö, CEO of Tampere Tramway Ltd.

The designers say they wanted the trams – which are made in Finland – to express the character of the city, so they combine soft features with hard technology.

“We will succeed if the tram offers cozy experience for its users, but above all, simplifying facility of everyday life for decades to come” says Jussi Hurskainen one of the industrial designers who worked on the project.

Manufacturing of trams will start in 2019 and the first tram is expected to be competed in the beginning of 2020 for test runs on the new track, and finally enter service for passengers in 2021.

You can help pick the new tram colour at this link.