Talks continue as more unions join postal strike

Negotiators meet again on Monday after weekend discussions failed to bring any positive resolution to the strike as it enters its second week and involves more unions.

Postal workers on strike outside Posti HQ, Helsinki, 12th November 2019 / Credit: News Now Finland

Talks to find a resolution to the ongoing postal workers strike continue on Monday at noon, after a failure to find a breakthrough over the weekend.

Thousands of postal workers belonging to the Post and Logistics Union PAU have started their second week of strike action over Posti’s plans to switch the collective bargaining agreements for 700 parcel force workers. Unions say it would result in worsening terms and conditions of employment and pay cuts between 30% and 50%.

Representatives from PAU and the Service Sector Employers Palta, which represents Posti, held talks with the National Conciliator’s Office on Sunday but despite going until 23:00 could not reach any common ground.

More unions have now joined the industrial action, carrying out sympathy strikes in support of the postal workers.

The Aviation Union IAU stopped handling mail at Finland’s airports at 06:00 on Monday morning and will remain on strike until Sunday 8th December if no settlement can be reached.

The Finnish Seamen’s Union strike starts today and makes delivering post to island communities difficult.

The Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors JHL joins the strike on Monday and Tuesday. It would shut down freight train yards on 19th and then freight train services would stop on the 20th.

The Transport Workers’ Union AKT has also joined the industrial action on Monday, affecting post shipments by truck, bus and freight forwarding at depots or ports.

From 25th November PAU has said that the strike will be extended to cover all companies in the Posti Group if no resolution to the dispute has been found at that time.

This would impact post offices, among other services.

And there’s already a threat from Helsinki Region Transport HSL workers to go on strike from 03:00 next Monday 25th November for 24 hours if there’s no resolution to the Posti dispute by then.