Sympathy transport strike impacts are still felt on Tuesday, Wednesday

Public transport in the capital city region should be back tomorrow but the effects of the strike at the airport will still be felt - as more action is announced.

File picture of departure board at Helsinki Airport showing canceled flights, 25th November 2019 / Credit: News Now Finland

Sympathy strikes in support of postal workers either continue on Tuesday, or will still be felt on Tuesday – even when striking staff are back at work.

Finnair has already canceled a number of flights one Tuesday from long haul destinations back to Helsinki, including Tokyo Narita; Hong Kong; Shanghai; Seoul; Beijing and Bangkok.

Helsinki Airport is expecting the effects of Monday’s 24-hour strikes by some security staff, baggage handlers and catering staff – which lead to around 50% of flights at the airport being canceled on Monday – to continue to cause headaches on Tuesday and even Wednesday.

File picture of flight departure board at Helsinki Airport, 25th November 2019 / Credit: News Now Finland

“Basically the strike started today [Monday] at 6am and it will continue until about 6am tomorrow [Tuesday] morning” says Heini Noronen-Juhola, Vice President of Helsinki Airport.

“But since it’s affecting lots of flights, there will be effects also tomorrow [Tuesday] since some flights have been cancelled that would come back tomorrow. So there will maybe be even until Wednesday the effects” she tells News Now Finland.

The advice from Helsinki Airport to travelers is to check the latest situation before even leaving home.

“I would just like passengers to check their own airlines if there are some more affects regarding their own flights, since lots of flights have been rebooked, rebooted, so please check the airlines about your own flights” adds Noronen-Juhola.

File picture of VR train at Helsinki Central Railway Station / Credit: News Now Finland

Railway strikes to begin soon

Meanwhile the Union of Railway Workers RAU says it will stage a series of 24-hour rolling strikes in connection with the postal worker dispute, after the latest reconciliation proposals were rejected.

VR and Finrail officials will stage a sympathy strike for staff working in customer service, ticketing, freight management, financial management and incident reporting on Friday 29th November.

VR’s train services in southern Finland, including HSL commuter services in the capital city region, will be on strike next Monday 2nd December from 03:00 for 24 hours.

VR’s long distance services will be on strike from next Tuesday 03:00 for 24 hours as well. Allegro traffic between Helsinki and Russia will in practice stop completely, the union says.

And another strike involving rail traffic control staff will begin on Monday 9th December, unless a resolution is found to the postal worker dispute before then.

File picture of Silja Galaxy ferry / Credit: Tallink-Silja

Ferry and port strike widens 

A 24-hour strike on Monday which impacted some international ferry services to Tallinn and Stockholm widens this week when the Finnish Seafarers’ Union SMU – which represents employees working in maritime and inland shipping – stage a 48-hour strike.

The sympathy strike starts on Thursday morning at 06:00 and ends on Saturday morning at 06:00.

The strike will impact ship loading and unloading, and handling of cargo; and any ships flying the flag of Finland and arriving in Finnish ports after 06:00 shall remain in port.