SUPO warns of increased terror links in Finland

Up to 80 people from Finland have traveled to the Middle East to fight, at least 20 are already dead.

File picture of Supo press conference, 10th December 2018

The Finnish security police SUPO issued a warning on Monday, that the number of people they’re tracking inside the country with possible links to terrorism has increased from 350 to 370.

In a report about the country’s security, SUPO researchers found that more people have also participated in armed conflicts or received some sort of training from international terrorist organisations.

But SUPO chief Antti Pelttari stresses the main threat to Finland is from lone wolf attacks, not necessarily terror cells.

“The biggest threat is still solitary players or small groups” he told journalists at a press conference.

Terrorist motivations

SUPO researcher Sanna Nilsson says that the main motivation for people who become radicalised in Finland comes from Islamist propaganda, which is even being distributed in Finnish now.

An estimated 80 Finns have gone off to fight in conflicts in Iraq and Syria. SUPO says 20 have come back home, while 20 have been killed.

This number is low compared to Europe as a whole, where an estimated 5000 people have gone off to Middle East war zones to fight or lend their support to one group or another.