Supermarket chain expands bottle refund scheme

Each plastic bottle in the Xtra and Rainbow range with the pantti symbol on it will be eligible for between 10¢ and 40¢ refund.

File picture of Rainbow brand juice concentrate bottles in S Group supermarket / Credit: News Now Finland

One of the country’s biggest supermarket chains S Group is expanding the pantti scheme to its own-brand juice bottles, meaning plastic bottles will get a small cash refund when they’re recycled.

The move is happening in stages during the year as Xtra brand juice concentrate bottles will change first in spring, and Rainbow brand bottles will follow suit in autumn.

The point-of-sale price of the plastic bottles goes up between 10¢ and 40¢, depending on the size of the bottle, and that money is refunded when the bottle is recycled.

“The circular economy is part of everyone, and so we wanted to promote the recycling of plastic” explains S Group Retail’s design director Mika Lyytikäinen.

“It encourages customers to return plastic juice bottles to the [recycling points], so that plastic is recycled into new bottles and packaging” he adds.

S Group is aiming to make all of its own-brand products recyclable by the end of 2022.