Summer schedules for capital region bus services

The new schedules mean a reduction of about 20% from current public transport service levels.

File picture of new Yutong electric buses at depot / Credit: News Now Creative

HSL is reducing public transport in the capital city region after a 70% drop in passenger numbers.

From today buses will switch to a reduced summer schedule; while metro, tram and train services will continue to operate using their current timetables for the time being.

“The use of public transport has dramatically dropped due to the coronavirus epidemic. As reduced ticket revenue is making a hefty dent in our finances, we need to better align service demand and supply” says HSL.

The reduced service for buses means cuts to extended night services; school bus routes; and weekend services as well. More than 60 services have been axed completely until the end of the summer season, while a handful of new routes will be added and some existing services will see changes in their timetables.

HSL says their aim is to make sure everyone still using public transport can get around as smoothly as possible. They’re also mitigating any coronavirus impact on their business, for example if a large number of staff should become absent due to sickness.