Summer reading: 6 Pride Week stories you might have missed

There's more than 100 events in the Finnish capital to celebrate Pride Week, so it's a good time to catch up on some of our original reporting on LGBTQI+ issues.

File picture from Helsinki Pride, June 2015 / Credit: iStock

This week Helsinki comes alive with Pride Week, the largest celebration of LGBTQI+ culture and rights in Finland.

There’s more than 100 events taking place in the capital this week from parties to exhibitions; discussion panels to a grand parade and special events for young people as well.

Here’s six stories you might have missed about LGBTQI+ issues in Finland: from trans rights to celebrating pride and the art of drag.

  1. Pride and prejudice in Finland

Pride And Prejudice In Finland

2. Drag me to HEL 

VIDEO: Drag me to HEL

3. Life in limbo: how Finland is failing on gender identity rights 

Life In Limbo: How Finland Is Failing On Gender Identity Rights

4. Finland’s transgender troops 

Finland’s Transgender Troops

5. American embassy sidesteps Trump Pride flag ban 

American embassy sidesteps Trump Pride flag ban

6. Palace stunt shines a light on human rights abuses 

Palace Stunt Shines A Light On Human Rights Abuses