Striking workers set to march on Post headquarters

Unions have said the industrial action could last until 8th December, as strikers plan a rally and march on Posti's offices in Helsinki.

File pic of parcel delivery services / Credit: Posti

Striking postal workers are set to march on Posti’s headquarters in Helsinki on Tuesday, as their ongoing strike continues to hit deliveries across the country.

The Post and Logistics Union PAU says up to 10,000 workers are on strike against a change in collective bargaining agreement being imposed on 700 parcel force workers that would mean pay cuts up to 50% for some staff.

Postal workers and their supporters will gather near Ilmala station in Helsinki between 12:30 and 13:00 and then march to Posti’s headquarters.

PAU claims that the new working contract would cut significantly the income of already low-paid staff members, as these workers would no longer be covered by a collective agreement for communication and logistics sector.

Instead they would fall under an agreement brokered by the Media Union and the
Federation of Finnish Industries.

The strike was originally scheduled to last two weeks, but PAU said on Sunday that it may extend it to four weeks, if no collective agreement is reached.

Posti has denied the future wage cuts and claimed that the salaries and allowances remain at the level of current collective agreement.

Posti’s representative union Palta also states that tougher competition, and a
further fall in the numbers of letters delivered, demands flexible working conditions.