Strawberry season begins as warm weather boosts crops

Field-grown strawberries are ripening and will benefit from some rain this week as well.

File picture of strawberries / Credit: News Now Finland

Strawberry season has started in southern Finland, as warm weather helps ripen early yield crops in the fields, especially those protected by hedgerows.

While tunnel-grown or greenhouse-grown domestic strawberries have been around for several weeks, the days after Midsummer traditionally herald the start of the outdoor strawberry season.

Warm weather, with just the right amount of rain, have been beneficial to farmers this year so far.

“Strawberries are coming on quite well because they like the sunshine and of course they want to get some water when they are growing” explains Peter Boije af Gennäs a strawberry farmer at Illby Gård near Porvoo.

“We have this Bounty variety strawberries and they still need a week or two to get red, but they are at the moment green and growing” he says.

If there’s too much sun and not enough rain, then strawberries in the fields will turn red, but they won’t grow in size. So this week’s forecast for rain should bring the right balance.

“Rain is coming, and that is okay for the strawberries as well, they get time to grow and get bigger” Boije af Gennäs tells News Now Finland.

Finnish farmers produce up to 14 million kilos of strawberries each summer, but in 2017 a cold spring meant a late crop, with growers still harvesting strawberries well into mid-August, an unusual situation in southern Finland.

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